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Foam-Ball ... a New Game for Younger Players

Foam-ball is like a low impact version of reball. The new small nerfy projectiles  will be fired at low velocity from "guns" that will be called "launchers". The term "marker" seemed inappropriate, since the balls will not be wet and will not leave marks. The projectiles are actually softer than markerballs and are considerably smaller. Markerballs are over .78 inches in diameter, whereas foam-balls are only .55 caliber. The foam-ball projectile launchers will look and feel more like paintball markers, and their semi-automatic performance will be more exciting than the existing low velocity projectile markers. 

PMI has produced a special version of their Maxx-55 paintball marker to shoot the lightweight foam-balls at a velocity less than 150 FPS. And the launcher makes a big difference. Participants appreciate the feel and performance of this short barrel foam-ball launcher. 

Foam-ball does not fit into the classic definition of paintball, but it can 
serve as a gateway to introduce people to the idea of playing a game in a controlled area, wearing goggles, and safely shooting at others. There is a new proposed ASTM field operating standard for foam-ball that will probably be released in late 2007. When this procedure was originally drafted, it was modeled after the paintball standard (ASTM designation F-1777), and foam-ball was treated like paintball with training wheels.  Provisions were also made in the standard for procedures which would allow lowering the minimum age for insurance.  General liability insurance is the cornerstone for any successful shooter-tag business, including paintball, and insurance requirements were primarily responsible for cleaning up the safety record at thousands of playing fields over the past two decades. Bringing younger players into low impact shooter-tag games will be a shot in the arm for paintball.

GOGGLES REQUIRED... Low impact shooter-tag games such as foam-ball or marker-ball shoot projectiles which may not hurt as much as conventional paintballs. However, special eye protection (goggles made specifically for paintball) are absolutely required not only for the game participants, but also for spectators and anyone else who might be in danger of being hit by the foam-balls. 


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